Nestle in the lap of Himalaya in the shadow of Shri Kedarnath Ji ,Char Machan Resorts is a private retreat situated at Narayankoti Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand .

About the Property

Conveniently lying in the lap of Himalaya overlooking Madhyamaheshwar range Char Machan Resorts in Narayankoti, India overlooks the Holy Mandakini river and thus presenting a completely mesmerizing spectacle to its visitors. Char Machan is situated centrally at a comfortable distance from all the important places nearby including Triyuginarayan Temple, Chopta, Ukhimath, Madhyamaheshwar, Kalimath. The Resort is 300meters away from the nearest helipads. All the helipads providing services to Shri Kedarnath Ji are at a distance of 7km from Char Machan.

The journey towards Shri Kedarnath Ji starts right at Char Machan Resorts in Narayankoti which is the ideal place to combine comfort and luxury with the vacation for the entire family. As a guest at one of the best properties in the country, we assure you of the best experience of traditional Himalayan Hospitality with excellence.

Designed in open brick with private balcony to each room, cottages have spacious bathroom with latest kohler fittings. Dining area is finished in local ringal style with huge windows overlooking the valley beside open kitchen .



Nested in step and pair Char Machan Resort has a total of 24 Specious Cottages. Equipped with all modern amenities and luxuries all the cottages have wide open window facing madhyamaheshwar range offering a kaleidoscopic view of the region . Roof covered in shingles and veranda made of local Pathal is an experiment to mix local architectural flavour with modern taste of luxury .

Designed in open brick with private balcony to each room, cottages have spacious bathroom with latest kohler fittings. Dining area is finished in local ringal style with huge windows overlooking the valley beside open kitchen .

About the region

Commanding an amazing view of imposing Himalayan range, Narayankoti Guptkashi is a beautiful, quiet and wild Himalayan hemlet with rich natural surroundings in Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary of Uttarakhnad , India..At the foothill of kedarnath range Narayankoti , Guptkashi offers a salubrious climate round the year. If during summer it works as starting point to Holy Shrine of Kedarnath Ji and also offer a retreat from scorching heat of the plains than during winter snowfall in the region is worth admirable .offering a splendid and enchanting view of the real charm of the region is in witnessing the crimson rays of sun kissing the mighty Himalayan range, in listening to chirping sound of birds and hissing music of mountain breeze passing through coniferous jungle of deodar. kedarnath wildlife sanctuary is home of more than 521 of bird species and 121 mammals including Barking Deer, Himalayan bear, Leopard, Fox, Musk Deer, languor, porcupine, flying squirrel, chital, jungle cat .etc. At a distance of 10-30 kms are places like Chopta , triyuginarayasn , Dewar , madhyamaheshwar range , beda kedar and kalimath.


Escape route

In Garhwal Himalaya region we are poised to fulfil the classic spirit of a traveller in shepherd style . We facilitate an opportunity to loose yourself and be part of Garhwal Himalaya and become a mountain man for sometime . Yes, some people make their stay permanent and never go back . Offering a freshness to escape from the hassle bustle of metro life the route you choose are many .The restoration of inme is the essence of these activities . From half day village hiking to full scale trekking and yoga session the options are many and we are happy to custom design the experience in following ways.

  • Trekking in Garhwal Himalaya
  • Mountain biking
  • Wild life and bird watching
  • Yoga
  • Day dreaming in meadows
  • Rustic village hiking
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About team char machan

Team Char Machan is a small group of individuals who cherish life more than anything. We are kind of people who shakes hands with everyone in the party . Doing nothing and listening folklore is our best pastime .Everyone in the region is either our relative or we make them one . We are always high on trust and we are actually antilock whole of Garhwal Himalaya is our workplace . We are happy when someone visit us and befriend them for life . We are Pahadi


Work form Himalaya

Char Machan resort Narayankoti is an ideal location in the mountain for people seeking work form Himalaya . With increasing people working from home we at Char Machan offer cottages to individuals with all modern amenities

Facilities that makes char machan an ideal place for work form Himalaya

  • Multiple work stations and individual cottages
  • Secluded place
  • Very good internet connectivity with power back up
  • Fully functional restaurant
  • Conference hall in making
  • Excursion options for unwinding


Char Machan is 400 kms by road from Delhi and 185 kms from Rishikesh . Nearest helipad is 300 mts from the property . We can arrange or guide for transportation from Rishikesh or Dehradoon